Katy Kinard

Katy Kinard is every venue’s girl-next-door.  Her music ranges from deeply introspective/profound, to fun and clever, and finds a way to draw in all ages.

She’s a Nashville artist with four albums, last year’s #1 song on the “Christian Music in English” International charts (“When You Found Me”), winner of the 2013 International CWIMA showcase, the ’09 Independent Music Awards Popular Vote, and Embassy Music’s ’05 regional competition.  Katy’s song “World’s Largest Peanut” took first prize in the 2009 International Acoustic Music Awards folk category; her song “Sunshine,” second. 

A keyboardist and guitarist, Katy’s style of music is acoustic pop/rock with a touch of folk, along the lines of Nichole Nordeman, Sheryl Crow, and Sarah McLachlan.
Songwriting and spiritual influences include C.S. Lewis, Phillip Yancey, and Mike Yaconelli.

Katy has a heart for keeping the hymns alive, and if desired, also offers a worship set with some of the most well loved songs and the stories behind the hymns.
She would love to share her heart and stories and get to know those who know yours!  Feel free to check out her websites:

www.katykinard.com (re-launching soon)

www.reverbnation.com/katykinard (quickest music preview)


“Katy is a tremendous pianist, guitarist and vocalist whose songwriting and solid vocals tug at your heart.  She is clever with audience participation and expresses an amusing conversational style on stage.  Everyone should attend a performance of Katy’s.”
-Bruce Von Stiers, publisher; BVS Reviews

“Katy’s music reaches out and touches the heart.  Her modern style is intense and clean, and her voice is present and confident, yet soft…a pure joy to listen to. Her lyrics are tender and honest.  She’s a treasure.  I love listening to her…She gives you her heart in a song.”
-Rick Beresford, Songwriting Coach, Belmont University

“Katy’s music doesn’t insult the intelligence of her listeners.  No cliches, no pablum.  It presumes the listeners think deeply and are yearning for something that will help them as they explore those inner feelings.”
– Mark Hollingsworth, former manager of Petra, Sixpence None the Richer, Smalltown Poets and Steve Taylor.

If you’re interested in Booking Katy, here is the list of requirements for Katy to perform at your venue:

  • 2 monitors/mixes (for stage left and right)
  • 2 DI (direct input) boxes
  • 2 vocal mics
  • 2 mic booms
  • 1 tall stool