All deposits are to be in the form of a cashier’s check made payable to THE MORNING WATCH so we may note your acknowledgement of the requirements. For more information on payment, please visit the Honorarium section. You may keep one copy of the rider for your use in preparing for the concert.

Contacts and Definition of Roles

Road Manager:

Justin Nichols

Mobile: (478) 484-6201


Road Manager will handle the majority of details covered in this rider: all Production, Hospitality and most items in the Business Sections, as well as Travel, Daily Schedule, and Show-flow.

(Email is the preferred contact method, unless an immediate response is needed.)

*There is a section in the Advance the Show Form for additional questions that can be filled out.

*You can also message Justin Nichols on Facebook, or at The Morning Watch’s Facebook page.

**We would greatly appreciate it if you could send us any additional questions as soon as possible so they can be addressed in a timely manner.

Business Rider


THE MORNING WATCH may terminate this agreement if:

  1. THE MORNING WATCH or any member of the band family should die or become incapacitated for any reason;
  1. In THE MORNING WATCH/Manager’s judgment, performance may directly expose band, any representative of the band/Manager or any portion of the audience to danger or civil strife of any kind;
  1. Inclement Weather that renders performance impossible, or hazardous according to THE MORNING WATCH/Manager’s judgment.
  1. Any other unforeseen circumstances that would require cancellation.

A decision about whether the PROMOTER will be required to pay, or if a refund will be issued will be determined according to the circumstances for cancellation.

Support Acts (if headlining)

Opening acts, or other activities should not be scheduled before receiving prior permission from THE MORNING WATCH.

  • If there are more than one artist/band performing on the same stage, please coordinate with Justin on who is the headliner and the order of the bands.
  • Please coordinate with Justin on load in times, sound checks, and start/finish times for the concert.
  • Please keep in mind that while all the bands want to get their message out, there has to be time frames in order to keep the audience involved and attentive.
  1. Headliner: 60-90 minutes
  2. Opening act: 15 minutes
  3. Any acts between Headliner/Opener: 30-40 minutes.

**Please have an MC to keep the audience occupied while change over takes place (Thank sponsors, giveaways, info about event, etc.

**Have stagehands ready to help change over.

  1. If there are other bands playing have them bring their own instruments, mics, sound board, and other equipment.
  2. If there is a band that needs to use THE MORNING WATCH’s PA system and doesn’t have a FOH engineer, The Morning Watch will be happy to help. Please coordinate with Justin if that will be needed.


PROMOTER should provide volunteers over the age of 16 to help load IN and OUT. Volunteers need to be able to lift up to 70lbs and possibly more. NO CHILDREN UNDER 16 SHOULD BE IN LOADING AREA OR ON STAGE. HEAVY EQUIPMENT WILL BE MOVED AROUND AND WOULD RISK THEIR SAFETY.

Band Rooms

PROMOTER is responsible to provide artist with one clean room, close to the stage, for changing. Please have seating for a minimum of 5 people in the room. If meals are being provided, please have the room setup for the meals. This room should be closed to the public.

Merchandising and Concessions

  1. PROMOTER will provide one table; 8’ in length to be placed near the main entrance of the auditorium for merchandise sales. In addition, a minimum of two volunteers over 18 years old will be needed to sell tour merchandise. They will need to arrive 1 hour before concert time, and be prepared to stay until concert ends.
  2. THE MORNING WATCH receives 100% of tour merchandise revenue.
  3. Food and beverages may be sold; however, alcohol will not be allowed.

Complimentary Tickets

IF tickets are being sold, please coordinate with Justin for how many complimentary tickets need to be provided PRIOR to tickets being on sale.

Marketing and Publicity

THE MORNING WATCH will provide a Press Package containing all approved photos, videos, and any additional marketing materials. Any material, including but not limited to: print, radio or tv interviews, must be coordinated with Justin before use. We will be happy to do interviews to promote your event. Please coordinate with Justin if you would desire an interview.


Money is always a touchy, yet important subject. While we do enjoy serving others by using our talents, there are necessary expenses in pursuing our ministry, prohibiting us from performing free. The honorarium is determined on a show-by-show basis, and will be agreed upon after reviewing the completed form and discussing details with you. The final agreed upon amount will be stated in the Agreement Contract.

  1. Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of 25% will be due a month in advance.
  2. Payment Methods: Please have CHURCH CHECK, CASHIERS CHECK, or, CERTIFIED CHECK the night of the show for the balance of the guarantee made payable to: The Morning Watch
    PayPal is also accepted. If desired, contact Justin for PayPal information.
    Please no cash. This allows for better records for tax purposes.

Hospitality Rider

  1. Snacks, Drinks

It’s not required, but would be greatly appreciated if an assortment of beverages and snacks were provided once THE MORNING WATCH arrive. Please keep beverages in coolers or in a refrigerator. The only drink required is bottled water, kept at room temperature, and to be placed on stage at sound check and prior to show time.

Beverages-Water, Red Bull, Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sweet Tea Snacks-Fruit Tray, Veggie Tray, Chips, Candy, etc.
**These are not all required, just a few options

  1. Catering/Meals

Meals are only required if the event lasts more than one day. If the event is one day, then it’s the PROMOTER’S decision**.

Party trays from restaurants such as Subway, Chick-fil-a, or Zaxby’s with side options of fruit, veggies, or chips are ideal. Please contact Justin Nichols to determine how many meals, and what to serve for each meal. Another option are meal buyouts. Meal buyouts consist of $10 per person for lunch and $15 per person for dinner. PROMOTER can choose this option if they do not want to buy the meals themselves.

***For events that are further than 1 hour away, a lunch buyout of $10 per person will be required***

**While meals are not required for single day events, they do allow us more time for setup and to prepare for the show because we do not have to stop on the way to eat.

  1. Hotel/Guesthouse

The PROMOTER is to provide a minimum of one hotel room, preferably two, to sleep 5 people. A guesthouse can be provided in lieu of a hotel. Please contact Justin Nichols to approve hotel/guesthouse. When making reservations, please request rooms blocked together and also on the ground floor (if possible). Please reserve the rooms under the name Justin Nichols and email the hotel information no later than 10 days prior to the event.
**If event is in reasonable driving distance, then we will not require lodging. Contact Justin for details.

Production Rider

Show Options

To determine equipment needs and the specifics of the event, you need to decide which type of show you desire. THE MORNING WATCH is able to collaborate with your church or event through two different show options.

  1. The Morning Watch-Full Band

This is the most common way the band travels. This option works best for churches, youth conferences, DNOWs, etc. This group will consist of 5 people; 4 piece band, and Road Manager/FOH Engineer. The band will require a minimum of one hotel room, or guesthouse, and meals if show consists of more than one day.

  1. The Morning Watch-Acoustic

This works best for smaller events, or in cases where you are looking for a more laid back or stripped down vibe including church service or leading worship. The band will travel with the same people as a full show, but will play acoustic instruments and will select a set suitable for the setting. The band will require a minimum of one hotel room, or guesthouse, and meals if show consists of more than one day.

Choose which option is best for your event, and complete the appropriate field in the attached Advance the Show form. If you desire any specific requests for to the chosen option then contact Justin prior to filling out the rider to receive confirmation. The final decision of any adjustments is at THE MORNING WATCH discretion.

Required Information

This information will help us plan our set to ensure it fits your desired event properly, and to eliminate any unnecessary conflicts on the day of the event.

  1. Purpose of the event (Fundraiser, youth night, regular worship service, etc)
  2. Time frame to play within
  3. Order of service (invitation, welcome, closing, etc.)

Controlling Decisions

PROMOTER must have a personal representative capable of making any decisions pertaining to the event from the time of arrival of the equipment through the time of departure. This representative must have full understanding of all previous conversations regarding production, including any riders and correspondence pertaining to the engagement.

Technical Requirements

Below is THE MORNING WATCH’s equipment list. Please ensure each requirement is thoroughly met, as these are crucial parts to the event.

  1. Power Requirements: THE MORNING WATCH will need at least 4 different circuits, multiple outlets, with no less than a 20-amp breaker on each circuit.
  2. Lyric Projection: THE MORNING WATCH carries a MacBook pro with Propresenter 5 for lyrics. VGA or HDMI are the preferred method of connecting to the MacBook. If venue has a Mac with Propresenter 5 then contact Justin Nichols to determine if it will be used rather than our MacBook.
    If projection will be used, please provide a volunteer that has experience with running lyrics. This is an important role in the concert, so the volunteer needs to be prepared. The volunteer should arrive a minimum of 1 hour prior to show time.

**Projection is not required, but does enhance the experience.

THE MORNING WATCH carries full production in most cases, which includes pa system, all necessary equipment, and some stage lighting. The pa system is adequate to cover 200-300 people. For larger venues please contact Justin Nichols.

**Full shows can reach levels between 90-100 db.


Concert lighting is very important to the event. THE MORNING WATCH will bring LED Par’s for basic color. A white wash for the front would be great for the venue to provide, but not required. Please contact Justin for details on lighting.


THE MORNING WATCH does not require a certain size stage, however larger stages are better. Please ensure stage is cleared of all instruments, cables, chairs, etc. prior to THE MORNING WATCH’S arrival. This will allow the setup process to flow as quick and smooth as possible. We understand some venues have organs/pianos that are difficult to move. Those are fine to stay on stage as long as they do not obstruct too much of the stage.

**If event is outdoors, stage is required to ensure equipment will not be damaged. A stage cover is also required to cover complete stage.

Load In/Sound Check

THE MORNING WATCH requires that load in occur approximately 4 hours prior to the concert, and sound check occur once setup is finished, unless otherwise notified. In some cases setup and sound check may occur the day prior to the event. Coordinate with Justin for sound check and load in times. Sound check will be closed to the public, and PROMOTER must ensure that the auditorium is clear of everyone except those directly involved with the running of the show.

Advance the Show Form

Once you have thoroughly reviewed this Production Rider, please initial each page, and fill out and submit the Advance the Show Form, sent in the press pack.

Contract Agreement

After THE MORNING WATCH has received the Advance the Show form, we will send you the Contract Agreement that will list the agreed upon Honorarium amount, deposit amount, and any other necessary information regarding the event. The contract will need to be signed and emailed back to show your understanding and agreement of the discussed information. The deposit and Contract Agreement will be due at the same time, one month prior to date of the event.

Stage Plot

We appreciate all the work you put into planning the event. This will allow for the best event possible, and mainly it allows for everyone to focus on God’s presence once the show starts, and not whether everything will work right. Thanks again for booking us, and look forward to leading y’all into worship!

In His Grace,