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Katy Kinard

Singer, songwriter, pianist, and guitarist Katy Kinard isn’t content leaving questions unasked. As a faith-driven lyricist, she will tell you she’s been all kinds of believers: one of childlike, liberated faith; a Pharisee and a legalist; a charismatic miracle seeker; and what she calls a near atheist and “cynical scribe.” But she’s quick to embrace all areas of her journey, the end-all being a consistent pull toward Jesus.

Katy’s influences range from the vocal and lyrical styles of Nichole Nordeman and Natalie Merchant to the conversational style of David Wilcox, within the pop/rock and folk genres. Spiritual influences include writings by Phillip Yancey, Flannery O’ Connor, and C.S. Lewis.

Katy attended Belmont University in Nashville, TN, where she studied commercial music and music business. She focused on writing and recording at Belmont, also having the privilege of performing at the Grand Ole Opry in choirs for artists such as Alan Jackson, Kenny Rogers, and Taylor Sorenson.

Katy is a winner of the 2013 International CWIMA contest, the ’09 Independent Music Awards Popular Vote, and Embassy Music’s ‘05 regional pick. Her song “World’s Largest Peanut” took first prize in the 2009 International Acoustic Music Awards folk category; her song “Sunshine,” second. She works alongside Be Loud Promotions, organizing tours in multiple states and has recorded and co-produced five albums: “Headed Back” (2005), “You’re Still Better” (2007), “Lullaby Hymns: the weary soul” (2010), “God of Fireflies” (2016), and her latest: “Lullaby Hymns: Christmas” (2020

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Allie Crummy

Allie Crummy is a singer/songwriter based in Des Moines, Iowa. She has a passion for expressing her faith through music and has served in her local community, regularly leading worship for over 15 years. In her songwriting, she is contemplative—a deep thinker who is well versed in and routinely inspired by Scripture. She does not write superficial or surface-level lyrics; rather, her songs reflect the tension between what she believes to be true about God, contrasted with what she sees happening in the world around her, and hopefully will leave the listener with a thought or question to ponder.

Allie studied Music Education at Drake University, where she received a classical, conservatory-like education in vocal music. It was there that she stretched herself more as a vocalist and learned to appreciate the wide variety of singing styles. Her own singing style is mostly a mixture of pop and soul and is always brimming with emotion. Allie plays the piano and guitar and is always working on adding more instruments to that list (mandolin and banjo are in the works!). You can hear her musical influences come out in her writing—from blues to bluegrass to classical—but in all of her music, she loves to include honest lyrics that point to greater truths about God and finding hope in Him, baked into melodies that are fun to sing.

Allie has released two projects to date, and she is currently working on her third album. Her first album, 'I Have Peace,' was released in April of 2020. Her second project, an EP by the name of 'Every Story Has an Author,' came out in November of 2020. She is currently releasing singles from her upcoming album, 'Honesty,' slated to be completed in November 2021. Since she introduced herself as an artist into pandemic times, she is anxious and ready to bring these songs to life in real-life venues.

You can always count on new content coming from Allie because she is a songwriter through and through. Be sure to follow her on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Spotify to stay up to speed on what she is up to, as well as new songs she is writing and recording!

Kai A. Pineda

Kai A. Pineda is a pastor, teacher, speaker, and worship leader whose desire is to see God’s heart revealed to humanity in a way where people step into the freedom of God and not the traditions of the church. She longs for an encounter to happen with the Body of Christ where we exchange our agendas for His, pursue His love, and Prepare The Way for His return. She has committed her life to being an Ambassador for Christ and to help in leading this and the next generation into a beautiful relationship with Jesus Christ.

In 2011, Kai recorded her first album (a live worship CD), entitled “Speechless” with Levi “Too” King. After the experience Kai had working with Levi, she shared her desire to join his independent label. In 2012, Kai officially joined the MeTooMusic family as an artist and appeared on the “This Family” compilation project with the song “None Like You Lord.”

For the next 3 years, Kai continued preaching and singing across the country, ministering at IHOP-KC (Kansas City), Church On The Way (Van Nuys, Ca), Covenant Worship (Oakland, Ca), and a host of others. It was also in 2012 that Kai, alongside her husband Pastor Alex Pineda, started a home fellowship in Inglewood, California. Kingdom House of Worship was birthed in prayer and now has expanded into other states and countries

Now with the release of her second project, UNSHAKEABLE, approaching, Kai has created the album she has longed to make. Kai is a sought-after speaker and worship leader who carries the message of the Gospel close as she leads others into the presence of God and creates an atmosphere where all will encounter the King.